Today is Mesothelioma Day 2008 in the UK

27 Feb 2008 by under Events

british lung foundation.thumbnail Today is Mesothelioma Day 2008 in the UKToday is 2008 in the . This annual event, which started in 2006, is spearheaded by the British Lung Foundation. The Action Mesothelioma campaign is centered on the Mesothelioma Charter, which calls for better care and treatment, better protection for employees and more funding for research. It was presented to 10 Downing Street on February 27, 2006, with more than 14,000 signatures to mark the launch of the first . For a list of events, visit the British Lung Foundation online.

3 Responses to “Today is Mesothelioma Day 2008 in the UK”

  1. Wendi

    There does not seem to be a Mesothelioma Awareness Day in the U.S. However, April 1 is Asbestos Awareness Day, and April 1-7 is Asbestos Awareness Week. There is a conference held each year, presented by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), which is based in California. The conference is in Detroit, Michigan this year, March 28-30. There is a post about it on this site, and registration deadline is today. I’m working to establish an Asbestos Awareness Day event in Montgomery, Alabama, since that’s where I’m based, on April 1, to coincide with the national awareness day, and I’ll be posting more information about that in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading, and continue to check back for new information. I’ll also be attending the ADAO conference and posting from there!

  2. Wendi Lewis

    Kirsten, I just learned that there is a Meso Awareness Day in the U.S.! It is September 26. It is sponsored / organized by the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF), often just called The Meso Foundation.

  3. sara.chodosh

    great website for those who are sick. i applaud you on your efforts.