What do YOU want to tell America?

29 Feb 2008 by under Events

adad stacked 08.thumbnail What do YOU want to tell America?As I’ve mentioned here in several other posts, April 1 is National , and April 1-7 is National Asbestos Awareness Week. This event is sponsored by the (ADAO). Please support them in this event. The link to their site is in my blogroll. Visit them to find out more and ask them what you can do to help.

Think about it. How can we get more attention on the needs of people suffering from asbestos related disease, on a larger scale? What would you like to see? How can we get a grassroots campaign up and running? I think it’s really going to take one person interested and concerned talking to another. Literally spreading the word.Let’s get busy and tell America that asbestos is not a thing of the past, that it is a very real danger today and for their future!

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