Early Asbestos Promotional Videos

20 Mar 2008 by under Legal, Video

Wendi found this collection of 1950’s era industry promotional films. They tout the “amazing” properties of this “miracle mineral”. It’s strong, tough, fireproof, water-resistant, doesn’t rot or decay.

However, what they fail to mention is that there is no safe level of asbestos. It merely takes one microscopic fiber to embed itself in your lungs to create serious and lasting health risks. The incredible health risks associated with asbestos exposure were widely known at the time these films were made.

The 1934 Aetna Insurance’s Attorney’s Textbook of Medicine devotes a full chapter to asbestos exposure, noting that asbestosis was ‘incurable’ and usually results in disability followed by death.

Also, here is a 1949 internal Exxon memo marked ‘Company Confidential’ which documents lung cancer caused by asbestos.

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