North Dakota town investigates Meso risk

7 Apr 2008 by under News

An Associated Press story featured on Saturday reports the town of Killdeer, North Dakota, is examining a ball field and other sites for the presence of , a mineral found in the crushed gravel covering the park. The rock is mined from the nearby Killdee Mountains.

Concern is linked to the fact that erionite mined in Turkey has been linked to mesothelioma. However, the AP story says, the erionite found in North Dakota is calcium based, while the erionite in Turkey is sodium based. It is not yet known if this makes a difference.

The story reports erionite contains fibers that can collect in the lungs of people who breathe it, and the says erionite causes cancer in lab rats. The is concerned because of the large volume of gravel containing erionite used in the Killdeer area, the article says.

An investigation is underway, and Killdeer’s mayor, Dan Dolechek, closed the ballpark as a precaution, and the county has voluntarily stopped using the gravel from the Killdeer Mountains until the study is completed, the article reports.

The study should be completed in about 18 months. Read the full article at

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