Meso Map puts a human face on mesothelioma

25 Apr 2008 by under People

Probably the most important mission of is to give you – people affected by mesothelioma, other asbestos-related diseases, and lung cancer – a place to tell your story. Whether you are personally struggling with the disease, or are helping a loved one or friend face this diagnosis, we want to provide a forum where you can share what you are going through.

To help you do this, and to help other visitors to find your story, we’ve added a new feature. The Map is interactive, and will have markers showing where different people affected by mesothelioma, or lung cancer are located in the United States or around the world. Click on any marker on the map to read their personal story.

On the Map page, you can also access a form that makes it easy for you to submit your own story. You can share as little or as much personal information as is comfortable for you.

The Map can be easily found on the home page, at the top right – just look for the map with the words “Help Raise Awareness.” Or, visit this page directly by copying the link: and pasting it into your web browser.

Personal stories are SO important.

Telling your story may give you the outlet you need, to express the frustrations, joy, fear, successes, and anger – the whole range of emotions you experience.

Your story may provide guidance, comfort and a sense of community for people who are facing similar challenges. You may provide just the information about new clinical trials, about your experience with different treatment options, or an outstanding support group that is just what someone else is looking for.

Most of all, sharing your story will help us to put a human face on mesothelioma, which is critical to sparking action to fund research and find a cure.

Whatever you want to say, we’re ready to listen.

So please, visit our Meso Map page to read stories from mesothelioma and lung cancer survivors, and share your story!

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