Blog explores alternative cancer treatments

10 Jul 2008 by under People, Research/Treatment

Today I came across a blog that explores alternative treatments for cancer, of all types. Our friend Charlene Kaforey, who recently experienced good results for her mesothelioma with an alternative cancer vaccine program at the in the Bahamas, posted her story to the site. The blog is a project of Jonathan Chamberlain, who authored two books about alternative therapies after losing his wife, Bernadette, to cervical cancer in 1994.

The blog, called the Cancerfighter’s Weblog, explores “alternative cancer therapies and ideas,” touching on a wide range of topics that also includes general health and wellness through alternative, holistic or natural medicines and practices. He encourages people like Charlene, who are trying non-traditional therapies, to share their stories and experiences with others, and provides a forum for people to ask questions.

John has another web site, Fighting Cancer: A Survival Guide, where he shares some personal stories of his and Bernadette’s life, and addresses topics including how to deal with a diagnosis of cancer, advice for caregivers, stories of good and bad experiences with alternative treatments, and good and bad stories about orthodox treatments.

An English teacher living in Hong Kong, John has authored textbooks for secondary school students, and also has written a number of other books on topics including Chinese folk religion, a profile of a famous Chinese gambler, and a touching biography about the life of his daughter, Stevie, who had Down Syndrome.

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  2. asbestosnews

    Thanks for the info Wendi, this is exciting news! Anything that can be done to combat mesothelioma should be considered and explored.

  3. Micki Leventhal

    Dr. Alberto Nunez, Cuban scientist who researches alternative cancer treatments, will be speaking on his research work next week at Columbia College Chicago. Tuesday, July 22, 11 a.m. 623 S. Wabash. Free presentation, all welcome.

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