CARD physician predicts mesothelioma epidemic

11 Aug 2008 by under News, Research/Treatment

An article published by the Daily Inter Lake, which serves Northwest Montana, reports on a new study by Dr. Alan Whitehouse, a pulmonologist affiliated with the Center For Asbestos Related Disease (CARD) in Libby, Montana. Dr. Whitehouse’s study, published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, predicts an epidemic of mesothelioma cases in Libby in the next 10-20 years.

Dr. Whitehouse, along with four other physicians including CARD’s Dr. Brad Black, studied 31 mesothelioma cases, including 11 cases not previously reported. The study focused specifically on non-occupational asbestos exposure, including exposure to contamination of the community, the surrounding forested area, and areas in proximity to the Kootenai river and the railroad tracks used to haul vermiculite.

It is estimated that more than 200 people in Libby have died from asbestos-related disease, and CARD is following 2,000 additional asbestos cases. CARD primarily serves Libby residents who were affected by the W.R. Grace-operated vermiculite mine, which was in operation for many years, and at high capacity from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Focus has recently shifted to include people suffering from and mesothelioma who never came into direct contact with the vermiculite mining operation. In June, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the announced an $8 million grant to fund a five-year study of the effects of low-level asbestos exposure.

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  2. Catherine

    The situation in Libby, MT is inexcusable. My sympathies to all who have become viticms of W.R. Grace’s negligence.

  3. Mike Crill

    WR Grace has not left Libby and neither have the deadly exposure because Libby is being sold as safe even when those moving to Libby will suffer and die as the rest of us from Libby.I just wish Libby would die with the rest of the people Libby and WR Grace killed.Why is this allowed to continue???

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