More happy news for Debbie as tumor shrinks!

6 Nov 2008 by under News, People, Research/Treatment

debbie brewer 08 150x150 More happy news for Debbie as tumor shrinks!I was thrilled this morning to get an email from our good friend Debbie Brewer in the UK reporting her tumor (nicknamed Theo) is now 43 PERCENT smaller!

As most of you know, Debbie has been battling since November 2006. In May 2008, she began a process called chemoembolization, which specifically targets and attacks her tumor, and basically seals the chemotherapy in with the tumor.

Debbie travels to Germany every month or so for the treatment. She saw her doctor, , for her fifth treatment on Thursday, Nov. 6, where she found that the tumor had shrunk another 10 percent since the fourth treatment in September. This is a total reduction of 43 percent since she started the therapy!

You can follow Debbie’s story on her blog, Mesothelioma and Me.

Bless you Debbie! We are so excited for your great progress!!

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