Illegal dumping raises concerns about asbestos exposure

31 Dec 2008 by under News

Councillors in the town of Hunmanby, located in Scarborough, , are concerned about illegal dumping after an upsurge in the practice may have exposed residents to asbestos. A recent report in the Filey & Hunmanby Mercury says a recent increase in in and around the area included an abandoned pile of asbestos sheeting, which will have to be professionally removed by an asbestos abatement company. Exposure to asbestos fibers can result in the development of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

The Hunmanby Parish Council is asking residents of the area to be on the lookout for illegal dumping to help them catch the guilty party or parties. Usually, the council is paid to remove and dispose of items left on roadsides.

The asbestos materials were left on Sheepdyke Lane and discovered by a local farmer, who suspected it was asbestos and called the authorities for safe removal of the material.

The Council requests residents report flytipping in the area by calling the Scarborough Council at (01723) 232323 or the Environment Agency’s 24-hour hotline at 0800 807060. Reports also can be sent to the Scarborough Council web site.

One Response to “Illegal dumping raises concerns about asbestos exposure”

  1. Wendi Lewis

    Thank you for your comment. In this instance, I think it’s an issue of people dumping materials without being aware that they may be hazardous. It is surprising how many people do not know that asbestos is still present in a number of materials produced for construction in particular, and a number of other uses. These materials can be hazardous when they are disturbed and broken, releasing asbestos fibers in dust. I appreciate your feedback.