Creepy ad touts benefits of asbestos, features photo of WTC

29 Apr 2009 by under Events, News

wtc asbestos ad 224x300 Creepy ad touts benefits of asbestos, features photo of WTCA friend recently forwarded me a link to a web site that features an ad touting the wonders of for fire protection, highlighted by a photo of the World Trade Center’s twin towers. The ad was produced in 1981, so it’s not a matter of bad taste, just creepy in light of the September 11 disaster, and ironic because the presence of in the towers has been a source of health problems for the disaster’s first responders, among the many dangerous toxins released when the buildings collapsed.

The ad references fire alarms, most likely referring to a Feb. 13, 1975 fire that broke out on the 11th floor of the North Tower. But it hits a little too close to home after the events that would take place a little over 25 years later.

On the anniversary of the 2001 tragedy last year, we discussed the ongoing studies being conducted by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygeine on the effects of exposure to the dust released in the catastrophe. The study included close to 5,000 samples of airborne asbestos collected by the EPA in lower Manhattan between Sept. 11, 2001 and Jan. 22, 2002, many of which exceeded “safety” standards.

It is ironic that the ad for asbestos prominently features the tag line “when life depends on it, you use asbestos.”

In 1981, the asbestos industry was already under scrutiny for the link between asbestos and , a deadly cancer that affects the lining of the lungs, and sometimes the stomach and/or heart. Most recent studies by the National Cancer Institute show that people with even brief exposure to asbestos are at risk. There is no “safe” level of asbestos exposure.

We recently have added a petition to this site urging the U.S. Congress to finally support a total ban of asbestos in the United States, and to provide funding for mesothelioma research. Please sign the petition, and add your voice to this fight.

The New York State Department of Health has been collecting information about deaths among World Trade Center responders, recovery workers and volunteers since shortly after the tragedy.

As of June 2008, the program had identified 382 people who worked at the WTC site who had passed away, and confirmed 204 causes of death, including 30 deaths resulting from respiratory and intrathoracic organ disease. In an updated report released in December 2008, the number of deaths of people who worked at the WTC had jumped to 713 people, with 548 confirmed causes of death. The number of deaths attributed to respiratory and intrathoracic organ disease is noted at 56, accounting for 14.1 percent of the deaths.

Of course, these numbers are general, and not specifically linked to asbestos inhalation, but the report does note that 30.2 percent of the confirmed causes of death of people who worked at the WTC are releated to “exposure to harmful substances or environments,” and 27.3 percent specifically related to “ingestion of substance.”

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  1. Mike Crill Missoula,Mt

    Another strange thing happened and it also has to do with WR Grace and their asbestos and Libby Mt.First,we all know where ALL of that asbestos released that day, came from. At first I thought it must be a typing error.I called around to see what others thought about it.They too thought it was strange/odd but no one questioned it.What I am talking about is the date and time set for the trial, for WR Grace to begin, for poisoning the workers and the town of Libby.Trial was to begin on Sept.11 at 9:45…The exact time and day of the towers. I know I didn’t think this was funny at all.That Tremolite asbestos fiber from Libby by WR Grace was tested in the 60’s in Hamster tests where the Hamsters died from Mesothelioma…In the 60’s but was never made public due to loss of sales if a warning label was put on their product.They had concerns for the Hamsters the killed but the killing of human beings continue today.There needs to be a National alert to warn the people to the truth.Shame we have to learn by exposure.

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  3. commercial_fire_alarm

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