MicroRNA technology provides early diagnosis of mesothelioma

5 May 2009 by under News, Research/Treatment

I came across a news story today about Rosetta Genomics, a company that is pioneering the technology of -based diagnostic tests and therapeutic tools. According to the company web site, microRNAs, or miRNAs, are a recently discovered group of short non-coding genes that regulate the expression of other genes. What this means to the lay person is that by looking at the very specific markers in these genes, physicians can more accurately identify cancer, predict outcomes and help guide treatment.

Among Rosetta’s products is miRview™ meso, which is described as a “cutting edge molecular diagnostic test that uses microRNA to differentiate malignant pleural mesothelioma from peripheral adenocarcinomas of the lung or metastatic carcinomas involving the lung and pleura.” According to the company, accuracy for this test has been 95 percent for sensitivity and 96 percent for specificity in identifying mesothelioma.

Obviously, the sooner mesothelioma can be identified, the sooner a correct course of treatment can begin.

You can watch a video from the company’s web site with 3-D animation that demonstrates how microRNA diagnostics work to detect mesothelioma.

You can also download a brochure that explains how miRview™ meso works in more detail.

According to RNAi News, a publication that spotlights technology for functional genomics, this week Rosetta Genomics announced that it has closed a deal with Prometheus Laboratories that will give Prometheus the U.S. market rights to Rosetta’s three microRNA-based diagnostics, which includes the meso diagnostic. The other two products are miRview Mets, which is designed to determine the source of cancers of unknown primary origin, and miRview Squamous, which is designed to differentiate squamous from non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer.

The deal will provide Rosetta with funding for research and development, and the company will receive royalties on net product sales from Prometheus, RNAi News reports. The companies also will jointly develop two additional miRNA-based gastroenterology diagnostics.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by exposure that most often affects the lining of the lungs, although it can also affect the lining of the stomach and/or the heart.

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