Debbie hopes to make groundbreaking mesothelioma treatment more widely available

15 Jun 2009 by under News, People, Research/Treatment

I reported last week that Debbie Brewer, our friend in the UK, had another amazing report from Germany, where she has been undergoing to treat her mesothelioma. Her tumor has now shrunk a total of 83 percent! Debbie is sharing her experience with media in Britain, hoping to gain more widespread acceptance of as a treatment for meso, and to raise awareness that the therapy, currently in , exists.

Debbie was diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2006, at which time her doctor gave her only a few months to live. That was when Debbie began looking for new treatments. She began chemoembolization in May 2008.

Chemoembolization, which is being pioneered by Dr. Thomas J. Vogl at J.W. Goethe University Hospital at Frankfurt University, introduces chemotherapy directly into a tumor, where it is basically sealed off so that it is concentrated in the area of need. The clinical trial started three years ago, and will continue for about two more years. The treatment is only available at the clinic in Germany.

Recently, BBC News featured Debbie and her efforts to bring chemoembolization to the UK, and beyond.

Watch the video.

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