EPA assisting in asbestos cleanup in Massachusetts

14 Aug 2009 by under News

There is news this week that underscores the fears of our good friend Mike Crill, who has been so personally affected by the asbestos contamination in Libby, Montana. Mike has been concerned about how contamination from the W. R. Grace vermiculite mine in Libby, which operated for years in that town, would actually affect the entire country as a result of the product being exported to factories across the country, for use in making insulation.

This week, a story in The Republican reports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will provide assistance to an Easthampton, Mass., town to clean up soil that is contaminated with asbestos. The affected land is the former site of a vermiculite insulation factory operated by W.R. Grace. Although the facility closed 20 years ago, it has left a legacy of danger for residents.

According to The Republican report, Grace shipped more than 250,000 tons of vermiculite ore from its Montana mine to the Easthampton factory over a period of about 40 years.

The cleanup comes as a result of city plans to extend a scenic trail into the area, and also hopes to install a new sewer line. According to The Republican, the cleanup effort involves a span of about 1,000 feet that would be the location of the trail extension and sewer project. It is estimated that soil may have to be removed to a depth of 6-12 inches, although the is still examining the area.

Asbestos exposure is linked to mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that affects the lining of the chest and lungs, or, more rarely, the abdomen or heart. The only known cause of mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. There is currently no known cure for meso.

2 Responses to “EPA assisting in asbestos cleanup in Massachusetts”

  1. Mike Crill Missoula,Mt

    Greetings myMeso and all.As the nightmare of sickness and death left by, what left Libby Mt., to fill the lungs of all who breathe that where this deadly TREMOLITE asbestos went, a trail of entire families being wiped out and for many years those families had no idea what was happening to them.Oh but the US Govt knew and so did WR Grace and along with the Rail road,for over 40 deadly years,this deadly Tremolite asbestos was knowingly shipped to over 230 processing plants,meaning over 230 different towns JUST LIKE LIBBY, Full of sickness and death and because the latency period is NOW upon all of us, today Meso is a household name and so is WR Grace and Libby Montana and Tremolite asbestos that IS KILLING MILLIONS today.OVER 30 MILLION homes have this deadly Tremolite asbestos.As each town learns the truth to what WAS DONE to them,just as Libby, you all will also learn all the players in your town who also allowed you all to be poisoned.And I mean those who knew and did nothing to stop it.Amazingly and criminally, Libby continues to kill more innocent human beings/families by the lies being told that Libby is safe. I just hope that all those who wake up one day to being told the truth as we in Libby did in 1999, I just hope that each of those 230 towns will have a Mike Crill to speak up and against those who did this to them and their entire family.Each one of those “other Libby”s will also need medical/HEALTH EMERGENCY and Superfund and I hope that some where down the road that when a town is declared deadly that it is not sold as safe knowingly killing more people/families.God I wish Libby was shut down and no more pain and death but as long as money/corruption and a Govt that does not protect it’s people get away with it, hell…it’s only murder…Please stay away from Libby.Only 229 more towns to tell innocent people to stay away.Hay…I didn’t create this,I”m a victim too.And my concern is for those we leave behind.My children already have the Libby death sentence,following me but my grandson will never breathe Libby air and I can leave here knowing this.God bless ALL of you out their who are effected by what was done to us/you.This is why we must protect those as the priority to protect.NO CHILDREN IN LIBBY MT.Thank you all.

  2. Arthur R. Kramer

    I’m experiencing trouble viewing your blog clearly in the latest release of Opera. It’s fine in IE and Firefox though.