UK meso survivor Debbie Brewer featured in Plymouth paper as story of hope

31 Dec 2009 by under News, People

debbie front page herald1 UK meso survivor Debbie Brewer featured in Plymouth paper as story of hopeIt has been a difficult year for many in the mesothelioma family. Many have lost loved ones, or are facing a scary diagnosis. But 2009 also held a lot of good news. To illustrate that, I’d like to share a news article about our great friend in the UK, Debbie Brewer. Just after Christmas, Debbie was featured on the front page of The Herald, a newspaper that covers the Plymouth area. The paper describes Plymouth as a “hotspot for asbestos-related deaths.”

In the feature, Debbie talks about how she moved from what was presented to her as a death sentence to her new outlook of happiness, hope and survival. Debbie was diagnosed in November 2006, at which time she thought she might be seeing her last Christmas. Doctors estimated she had only six to nine months to live.

As most of you know, Debbie refused to accept the prognosis that she had only months to live, instead actively seeking alternative medical treatments that might take a fresh look at her cancer and provide her with new options. Primarily, she found Prof. Thomas at the University Clinic in Frankfurt, Germany, who administers a therapy called . In this therapy, chemotherapy drugs are introduced directly to the tumor area through a catheter into the lung.

Because the treatment is still in clinical trial stages, Debbie had to travel to Germany for each treatment, not available in the UK, and paid for travel expenses and medical care from her own pocket. However, results were amazing, and Debbie’s tumor shrunk by more than 80 percent, putting her in full remission.

Despite a recent setback, when a September check-up showed cancer in her lymph node had increased in size (the tumor in her lung remains stable), she is optimistic. She lobbies energetically for mesothelioma and asbestos awareness, and also to bring chemoembolization to the UK so that more people might try this new therapy that has shown so much success in her case.

The paper quotes Debbie as saying, “Christmas is the time of year I celebrate being here. ”

We love you, Debbie, and we are SO glad to celebrate another Christmas with you, and we look forward to spending 2010 with you!

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7 Responses to “UK meso survivor Debbie Brewer featured in Plymouth paper as story of hope”

  1. mikecrill

    I want to wish you Debbie and all,a very meaningful New Year full of all things we have to be thankful for. Every day we wake up and Thank so many that we did…wake up.We take life so much more seriously because we all walk the same path.You Debbie have been a beam of hope to those who live and relate to your road in Life. I like it because it brings out all the love from all the people who don't know you/us and the love there is felt and needed and as we wake up each morning being thankful and Blessed. Thank you Debbie and myMeso and everyone because we have so much in common and so much to share…beginning with love.Keep your chin up Debbie and all who walk this road. In the end…a better place awaits us all.Amen.

  2. russelljones

    It is important that a communication channels are used to spread the word about the lethal nature of asbestos exposure. Best wishes to Debbie

  3. Gftodd

    Debbie is pure inspiration despite her illness she has taken on a very positive roll and is doing her utmost to publise this terrible desease and support fellow sufferers. They say out of bad can come good, Debbie is proof of this.

  4. contact paper

    This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. this is very nice one and gives indepth information.

  5. Tina Layhe

    We have been waiting nearly 2 years for compensation from the company that is responsible for my husbands mesothelioma. It’s disgusting that it’s taking so long to settle. We are in need of the money to give my husband a better quality of life and incase he needs more chemoembolization later. Does anyone know what is the average settlement period, it’s so cruel that meso sufferers should have to wait that long but what can we do.nTina Layhe

  6. Tina Layhe

    Neuropathic pain, how many meso sufferers are affected by this? Mike had successful treatment with Professor Vogl, we were so happy but gradually his pain has been increasing and as the scans still show clear we are left to believe that it’s neuropathic, medication doesn’t always help. Please, how do other mesothelioma patients deal with this problem.nTina Layhe

  7. Sasha Jensen

    It means so much to know that people can beat the odds. More survivors’ stories here: