Iron Range study finds four new cases of mesothelioma

2 Apr 2010 by under Events, News, Research/Treatment

This week the Applied Research Foundation (Meso Foundation) alerted me through a link on their web site to an update in the ongoing mesothelioma study in Minnesota. We have been following this study, which is investigating the high incidence of mesothelioma among Iron Range miners in that state. According to a report in the Duluth News Tribune, the study has identified four new cases of mesothelioma.

The five-year study is being directed by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health, and funded by a $4.9 million grant from the Minnestoa state legislature. The new cases bring the total number of former miners diagnosed with mesothelioma to 63.

Mesothelioma has traditionally been linked exclusively to . However, an investigation into the link between taconite mining – which takes place in what is known as Minnesota’s Iron Range, – began when state health officials noted an unusually high incidence of mesothelioma occurring in taconite mine workers. Mesothelioma occurs at twice the expected rate in the Iron Range.

As part of the study, researchers are screening workers and their immediate families. To date, they have interviewed about 1,000 people, and would like to double that number.

Taconite is an iron-bearing, flint-like rock. Processed taconite pellets are used in the steel making industry.  To process taconite, the ore is ground into a fine powder, the iron is separated from the waste rock using strong magnets and the powdered iron concentrate is combined with bentonite clay and limestone and rolled into pellets. The Mesabi Iron Range region of Minnesota is a major taconite production area.

More information is available at the project’s official web site for Minnesota Taconite Workers Health Study.

Pictured above are processed taconite pellets. Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Vlad Dracula

    Very bad! Surprisingly or not, even if mesothelioma is often caused by exposure to asbestos, there are 30-50% of patients without any history of asbestos exposure!! And more, a person exposed to asbestos could develop mesothelioma after 50 years of exposure!nn

  2. Asbmike crillestoskillnme

    Yes it is very sad and worse than that, this was done to us.THIS could of and should of been pervent when it became know in the 60s and 70s when EPA and OSHA tested Libby Tremolite on rats and rats died from Mesothelioma.80% of this deadly Tremolite that IS killing millions today, came from Libby Mt and if you get a chance, to really understand what was done to us…look at the study done from 1979 to 2002 called Meso in Montana.This is a study done counting Mesothelioma deaths of people who just live and breathe next to a Rail road route out of Libby Mt.Over 200 deaths counted which is but a fraction of the truth to how many have died because of what came from Libby Mt knowingly.With 30 million homes full of this deadly Tremolite and 260 processing Plants in this country where this deadly Tremolite was shipped to…from Libby….I can honestly tell you that this IS A American Holocaust and who ever said we won World War 2 can now see what Nazis did and continue to do today to all people of the World.WR Grace and a failed Gov, not for, We the People… have killed We the People and even crazier is that WR Grace is being paid by all those they poisoned/murdered because they own the Insurance Co.s being paid to take care of us. You don’t think this was all planned out 50 years ago???It is still going on because Libby Mt is being sold as a safe place to live and raise a family. Like gassing the Jews only this is Tremolite asbestos.Whats the difference.All I can do is tell all who will listen to stay away from Libby Mt but even that will not save the world nor the millions sick and dying for Generations to come.I have three generations sick, dying and dead from the town left to die from the air that kills.The Twin towers also contained Libby Tremolite and in Libby Mt right now, there are OVER 3000 people being treated/walking dead and this does not include ALL the children and Grandchildren of those 3000 plus as they too await a diagnoses.I hope I have helped in some way. Just hug and love your children everyday….

  3. Mesothelioma Claims

    “Very bad! Surprisingly or not, even if mesothelioma is often caused by exposure to asbestos, there are 30-50% of patients without any history of asbestos exposure!! And more, a person exposed to asbestos could develop mesothelioma after 50 years of exposure!”nnni agree with you, it’s very sad situation…

  4. Fddggsdfg

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  5. Anonymous

    I agree with Asbmike crillestoskillnme. Too sad. And this is not the first time I have heard of asbestos inhalation among men who work on iron ranges:

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  7. Neal Walker

    I have
    been diagnosed with mesothelioma. I’ve read many articles about the causes
    and likely sources of asbestos exposure and it seems unlikely that any of
    the commonly listed occupational hazards can be to blame. I did read an
    article at
    mentioning that workers in high risk jobs could inadvertently bring home
    asbestos particles on their clothing and expose their families as well. My
    father was an auto mechanic, so this seems like a potential cause, even
    though he hasn’t developed mesothelioma. Do I have any legal claims, as an
    affected family member of someone who was exposed to high levels of
    asbestos through his job?

  8. Asbestos Perth

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  9. Anonymous

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