Listen to an interview with lead author of NYFD cancer study

11 Sep 2011 by under News, Research/Treatment

fdny logo Listen to an interview with lead author of NYFD cancer studyEarlier this month, in anticipation of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, The Lancet published a study of cancer risk in New York City firefighters who were first responders to Ground Zero at the (WTC). The study, conducted seven years after the attacks, was both the “first firefighter study on the effects of 9/11 and cancer, but it is also the largest firefighter cancer study ever done,” according to Dr. David J. Prezant, Chief Medical Officer at the NYFD and the lead author of the study.

In addition to publishing the study, The Lancet prepared a podcast featuring an interview with Dr. Prezant. He said mong the priorities of this study was to ensure that it included every firefighter who was employed at the NYFD that was at 9/11, and also everyone who was employed as a firefighter at the NYFD. They examined data sets including what types of cancers the firefighters had, and where it was reported, and made sure that there were no duplications in the records to make sure no cancer was counted twice. They compared results among exposed firefighters, non-exposed firefighters and a similar general population, as well as the time period during which the screening was done to make sure screening methods were similar.

The study indicates an increased risk for the development of all cancers, combined, in firefighters exposed to the toxic dust, smoke and fumes at the Ground Zero site on 9/11, Dr. Prezant said. He said data shows a 19 percent increase for WTC-exposed firefighters, compared to non-exposed firefighters.

Listen to the podcast.

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