New York asbestos victims receive record judgment in jury verdict

30 Jul 2013 by under Events, Legal, News

Gavel Scales of Justice American flag square 100x100 New York asbestos victims receive record judgment in jury verdictA Manhattan Supreme Court jury awarded $190 million to five Plaintiffs who contracted the deadly cancer, mesothelioma, after being exposed to asbestos in their workplaces. Sadly, only two of the five victims lived to see the judgment, the largest of its kind in New York City.

After 11 weeks of testimony, jurors found the Defendants, Burnham and Cleaver-Brooks, guilty of acting with “reckless disregard for human life.” Attorneys from Weitz & Luxenberg represented the Plaintiffs.

All five Plaintiffs in this case were men, who worked as steamfitters, plumbers and construction workers. The jury determined all of the men were exposed to asbestos on their jobs, but were not warned of the danger of asbestos exposure. Even a tiny amount of exposure can cause life-threatening injury such as asbestosis, a severe scarring of the lungs, and mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a deadly cancer that affects the lining of the lungs or the abdomen, and occasionally the heart. There is no known cure for mesothelioma.

The two surviving victims are Paul Levy of New Jersey, who was exposed to asbestos as a Navy pipefitter on aircraft carriers; and Cesar Serna of Queens. The three workers who passed away before the verdict are Robert Brunk, and . A portion of the jury award went to their surviving family members.

An attorney for the victims told the New York Post, “These tragedies shouldn’t have happened. I hope this verdict sends a message that corporations’ recklessness has a very real impact on people’s lives.”

Source : New York Post

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