Australian company creates software for asbestos mapping, management and compliance

20 Sep 2013 by Wendi Lewis under News

Octfolio Australian company creates software for asbestos mapping, management and complianceAn Australian company called Octfolio has launched what it is touting as a “pioneering technology platform” that it says will help achieve the government’s goal of ridding the country of by 2030.

The software was developed in response to efforts that began with the 2010 National Summit, which brought together the leaders of every union in to address the need for significant reform in dealing with in New South Wales. The summit was put together by the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and Cancer Council .

The National Declaration: Towards an Australian Safe Free Environment was developed as a result of the summit, and endorsed by then-Prime Minister Julia Gillard. In June 2012, the Australian Government Management Review was released by Chairman Geoff Fary, who made 12 recommendations including the development of the National Strategic Plan for Awareness and Management in .

The goal of the strategic plan is “to prevent exposure to fibres in order to eliminate -related disease in ”. It includes six priorities for dealing with :

• Identifcation
• Management
• Awareness
• Education
• Information sharing
• Transport, storage and disposal

On its website, Octfolio says its Information Management Software “is designed specifically to help both the public and private sector to achieve the goal of an -free by 2030 and has addressed every recommendation within the National Management Review 2012.”

The software is designed as an interactive and centralized database for businesses, organizations and individuals to access information about existing or known -containing buildings or sites, to track abatement and disposal projects, and to maintain records necessary for compliance with required government standards and policies. By centralizing information and providing shared access to information, Octfolio hopes to reduce costs for companies, which it believes will help incentivize them to comply with regulations and move forward with necessary abatement.

Octfolio Managing Director Darren Anderson told, “Ultimately it’s all about an easier and efficient way to track, assess, remove and dispose of with a goal to saving lives.”

Octfolio is backed by parent company Tulla Group, which provides investment and management capability.


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