Asbsetos could be prioritized in TSCA reform legislation, Sen. Boxer says

20 May 2016 by under Legal, News

Sen Barbara Boxer courtesy ADAO 100x100 Asbsetos could be prioritized in TSCA reform legislation, Sen. Boxer saysWith nearly 15,000 Americans dying from asbestos-related diseases annually, the Toxic Substance Control Act () of 1976 has been responsible for damaging the lives of U.S. families for decades. However, thanks to the unyielding efforts of Sen. Barbara Boxer, the reformation of the TSCA is finally in sight.

According to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), there are currently more than 84,000 hazardous chemicals that have been allowed into commerce due to the failure of the TSCA. For decades, asbestos has remained in thousands of products such as insulation, fireproofing materials, automotive brakes and wallboard materials. What many Americans forget is that when asbestos is broken or crushed, such as during a renovation, its particles can be released into the air. The inhalation or ingestion of these tiny asbestos particles can lead to tragic illnesses, including one of the most fatal cancers– mesothelioma.

Despite of the overwhelming obstacle ahead of her, Sen. Boxer noted in her recent press release that she “fought hard to ensure that dangerous substances like asbestos are prioritized to get the attention they deserve from regulators. Asbestos is one of the most harmful substances known to humankind — it takes 10,000 lives a year. Asbestos should already be banned. I support an immediate ban, but the prioritization in this bill is a start.”

Sen. Boxer also claims that “under our agreement, the states are free to act on any chemical until (the) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) takes a series of steps to regulate a specific chemical…our agreement clearly states that if the federal government does not complete the process to regulate a chemical within a 3.5 year period, then the states are free to act on that chemical. I believe our agreement is respectful of the federal government’s role and the state government’s role.”

Sen. Boxer and the entire ADAO community would like to thank everyone involved in the TSCA reform effort.

Source: ADAO


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