Wales’ oldest cinema suffering after asbestos find

7 Feb 2017 by under News

War memorial  cinema Brynmawr .uk   3572345 100x100 Wales oldest cinema suffering after asbestos findWales’ oldest cinema first opened when Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. Since its opening in 1894, it has survived two world wars and outlasted 28 UK prime ministers. Market Hall Cinema is Wales’ oldest continuously running theater, earning the title of National Cinema of the Year in 2014. Now the Market Hall Cinema and Arts Trust charity is working to raise enough money to keep its tradition alive after asbestos was found in the building in December 2016.

Asbestos, a group of six naturally occurring minerals, has been used in construction materials, including insulation and roofing, for decades. Now, it is a known human carcinogen and is banned in the UK, requiring extensive abatement procedures if discovered in a building. Asbestos is linked to the development of lung cancer and , a deadly cancer affecting the lining of the lungs, heart or abdomen.

With the cinema, located in Brynmawr, Wales, United Kingdom, closed for asbestos investigations, the trust is no longer generating revenue to maintain the building, and, according to Wales Online, it has lost £100,000 since its closure, prompting a fundraiser.

“The building itself has historic asbestos issues and due to these most unfortunate of circumstances the venue has been rendered temporarily unusable and in need of  remedial improvement works. Although we are working with partners and are in the throes of resolving the issues that have arisen, this has placed the trust in a precarious position,” the charity’s Crowdfunder site states.

The trust estimates its losses at £95,000 “with more income generation opportunities being lost week by week” as the fate of the picture house continues to hang in the balance while options are weighed.

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