Denver school closed for asbestos threat after hail storm

10 May 2017 by under News

640px Hail RichmondHill2 100x100 Denver school closed for asbestos threat after hail stormInsulation or flooring tiles are often the construction materials that pose an asbestos risk during renovations or repairs. However, it is window putty that is causing Public Schools to close Beach Court Elementary School for fear of asbestos exposure.

A strong hailstorm producing golf ball-sized hail broke 100 windows at the school, according to The Denver Post, and the damage potentially released asbestos from some of the putty holding old windows in place when they shattered.

Though officials believe the heavy rain that accompanied Monday’s hail storm “minimized the chance of asbestos contamination in the air,” according to the news source, contamination areas will be created and the putty, known as glazing, will be encapsulated to reduce asbestos exposure risk. “Workers will then install a Plexiglas enclosure around the window frames and will sample the air to ensure all affected areas are clear of asbestos before students return,” The Post states.

Asbestos, a known human carcinogen, can be inhaled or ingested. It is linked to lung cancer and the development of , a cancer with a decades-long latency period that victims rarely survive for longer than a year and a half after diagnosis.

Schools, including public and non-profits like charter schools, are required by federal law to regularly inspect their schools for asbestos-containing building material and have an asbestos management plan to reduce the risk of exposure from “in place” asbestos-containing material in the event of unexpected incidents, like hail storms.


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