Asbestos dumping plagues Essex, England

19 May 2017 by under News
633px Essex UK locator map 2010.svg  100x100 Asbestos dumping plagues Essex, England

Credit: Nilfanion

The county of Essex in England continues to try to identify those who are illegally dumping asbestos-containing materials. Last weekend a 100-ton pile of , human waste and rubble was dumped in a local park in Essex, marking the third large-scale , or fly tipping as it’s also called, to stump authorities in the past month.

Workers are combing through the 300 foot mass to try to find who is responsible for the most recent fly tipping, which is expected to cost taxpayers more than $26,000 to remove, according to the Daily Mail. In addition to the sheer amount of debris, asbestos is toxic substance that will require special abatement procedures to remove, though authorities are still unsure exactly how much asbestos is present.

At least one councilman and many local residents are pushing for harsher penalties for illegal dumping in order to reduce the number of instance—a move MyMeso previously reported local governments in other countries have recently opted to do.

“’The Basildon district is fairly built up compared to other areas and we don’t have as much green space. To see it getting ruined like this so often is so upsetting,” said Lara Smith, who lives near the park that’s now plagued by rubbish.

Other instances of flytipping in the last month included piles of old furniture, discarded food and human waste being dumped in bushes outside a pub and 40 tons of rubbish being dumped in front of the 13th century St. Nicholas’s Church.


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