Notorious Sydney asbestos dumper evades court appearances

30 May 2017 by under News

800px Bauer Elementary ASBESTOS 2 100x100 Notorious Sydney asbestos dumper evades court appearancesIn the midst of Australian city governments deciding to crack down on illegal asbestos dumping, one of the most prolific asbestos dumpers in Sydney is moving his operations to another part of the country, despite not yet appearing in court for eight offenses in the region.

Dib Hanna had been operating as an excavation and demolition contractor out of Sydney with a long history of asbestos dumping, repeating the offense even after being fined $200,000 and $225,000 for separate instances in the early 2010s. The Environmental Protection Authority is now pursuing charges against Hanna on eight additional “repeat waste” offenses, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, all while he has moved his operations to Melbourne, doing business as “David from Delta Civil Group Vic.”

When the news source first contacted Hanna, he denied his true identity, but then eventually admitted he was Dib not David. He denied having any ties to asbestos — though government records show that not to be the case — and responded to any additional questions with “f— off.”

The EPA would not comment on Hanna’s case as it is actively pursuing charges against him. He faces a maximum penalty of $250,000 in fines, two years in jail or both for his dumping offenses in Sydney. He has failed to appear in court three times so far — likely because he and his family have relocated to Melbourne to continue to ply his trade there, according to the news source.

Asbestos is a group of silicate minerals that is known to cause a variety of health problems, including cancers like lung cancer and . Asbestos use has been completely banned in Australia since December 2003, and strict restrictions exist on its handling and disposal. However, as Hanna shows, health risks due to mishandling asbestos remain a problem.


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