Husband with mesothelioma and wife commit suicide together

28 Jun 2017 by under News

GHS pictogram silhouette 100x100 Husband with mesothelioma and wife commit suicide togetherThose who found the bodies of husband and wife Richard Horne, 68, and Jean Wright-Horne, 73, were met with a note explaining their reasons for taking their lives and warning that the room may contain the deadly gas they used to kill themselves.

According to the Mirror, their suicide pact took months of preparation. They had warned only one relative of their determination to die together, but kept secret when they would execute their plan. The two spent one final Christmas with friends and family last year and committed suicide a few days later.

Why? Richard was in the final stages of a battle with , a deadly cancer caused by exposure to mineral fibers that affects the lining of the heart, lungs or abdomen. Most commonly it affects the lining of the lungs, as was true in Richard’s case. His wife, Jean, had lost her first husband to bowel cancer and “could not watch another man she loved succumb to the killer disease,” the news source reports. She also had hepatitis and other health issues.

The two were found fully clothed in their bungalow lying on their bed by daughters. They found four carefully prepared pages telling whoever found them to immediately open all the doors and windows of the house and then leave due to the toxic gas, along with a in-depth suicide note. Both were found to have fatal levels of the gas in their systems.

Though asbestos use has been banned in the United Kingdom since 1999, the completely preventable cancer still affects those who were exposed before the ban—because mesothelioma has a decades-long latency period—or those exposed through old buildings that still contain the carcinogen. It is unclear according to news reports exactly when and how Richard contracted the disease.



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