ATVs recalled in Australia for asbestos products

8 Jul 2017 by under News

McRae Fire. Firefighters discussing strategy. Polaris Ranger ATV 100x100 ATVs recalled in Australia for asbestos productsWhen a product made in the United States, where is still legal, is found in products sold to other countries where has been banned, what happens? A recall is issued. Australia now faces a recall on Polaris all-terrain vehicles (ATV) after asbestos was found in brake pads, brake shoes, gaskets and washers.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald,  the U.S.-based ATV manufacturer launched a recall June 19 that was extended and now affects 15,000 vehicles sold in Australia since January 2000. Affected models include the Scrambler 50, Predator 50, Outlaw 50 and the Act 150. However, a company whistleblower has told the news source the recall should actually be expanded yet again because “the actual count of affected vehicles exceeds 22,000” in the country.

The source estimated 540,000 vehicles worldwide contain asbestos, including in other areas in the European Union that have bans on asbestos. “Approximately half were recommended for immediate recall based on asbestos count. Their intention is to end up recalling under 20 per cent [of affected vehicles],” the source said. “Polaris itself cannot deny the extent of this asbestos issue…but they seem to care more about their bottom line.”

Australia is targeted in the recall because it has banned asbestos in all products since December 2003. Polaris’s Australian country manager said third-party analysis showed riding the vehicles did not expose the rider, but wouldn’t provide the data allegedly proving it. He described the recall as a “particular supplier’s vendor not meeting our quality standards…[when] we learned of the issue, we began working with our partner to better understand how it occurred and to develop a solution.”

Consumers with affected vehicles or concerns should contact their nearest authorized Polaris dealer.


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