Audit finds Michigan asbestos inspection efforts lacking

16 Aug 2017 by under News

Paducah Asbestos Removal 7450132130 100x100 Audit finds Michigan asbestos inspection efforts lackingIn addition to an investigation into the city of allegedly  falsifying asbestos inspection reports, Michigan’s auditor general announced last week the entire state’s remediation efforts need improvement, according to Michigan Radio.

The audit says the state has fallen behind on inspection and follow-up reports on asbestos removal projects, including whether asbestos-containing material is properly disposed of in landfills. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) agrees with the audit’s findings and cites a lack of asbestos inspectors as the cause for the issues.

“We’ve seen in this state an increase in the amount of demolitions of blighted properties,” said the DEQ’s Melanie Brown. “We will need more resources to ensure that we are able to continue to address the need. And so that does mean, potentially, additional staffing. That does mean additional funding.”

The increase of demolitions is at least partially due to the Detroit Demolition Program, aimed at removing deteriorating homes and buildings around the Motor City. The city of Detroit has razed more than 11,000 blighted properties since 2014 through its demolition program — with approximately 2,000 more demolitions scheduled.

In all demolition projects that may involve asbestos, inspections are important because any exposure to the human carcinogen can cause health problems, including cancers like mesothelioma that develop decades after initial exposure.

Brown says the DEQ is working on funding ideas to present to the state legislature while they are working to fix the problems. The news source reports the audit recommends a new fee to pay for the funding increases needed to properly ensure safety.


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