Aging public buildings face asbestos issues

1 Sep 2017 by under News

Mobile Police 100x100 Aging public buildings face asbestos issuesLike many government buildings in small towns and large cities across the United States, the building housing Mobile, ’s police force is getting up there in age. The Mobile Police Department (MPD) has been headquartered in the same building for more than 20 years, and their evidence lockers hold items dating back decades. However, recently MPD decided items were being stacked too high in the cramped space and it needed to be expanded for safety reasons. During the expansion, asbestos was found.

Type asbestos into Google News, and you’re sure to find stories from across the nation and the world of renovations on public buildings being affected by asbestos. Asbestos has had a far reach — the Palace of Westminster, which holds Britain’s House of Commons, the House of Lords and Big Ben, has even recently been in the news for it.

But it’s a safety risk that cannot go ignored. Asbestos, a group of silicate minerals once used in variety of construction materials including insulation and piping, is now a known human carcinogen. Even one exposure could lead to airborne asbestos fibers being inhaled or ingested, which can cause asbestos-related diseases including lung cancer and . affects the lining of the heart, lungs or abdomen, and though it has a long latency period, it is usually deadly within a year of diagnosis.

Especially when asbestos is found in a public building, it must be removed to protect citizens. In the case of the MPD, the Mobile City Council gave the department the green light to use $20,000 to remove the asbestos in its evidence room.


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