Former asbestos mine plans to transport asbestos-tainted materials in remediation plan

12 Sep 2017 by under News

91217 100x100 Former asbestos mine plans to transport asbestos tainted materials in remediation planAfter years of remediation efforts, the owner of the former Group mine has developed a long-term plan. The catch? It involves transporting millions of tons of asbestos to a plant that doesn’t exist yet to convert it into useful materials. It’s a plan that is tentative, faces many hurdles and wouldn’t happen for years, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on board, according to the News & Citizen.

The Vermont Asbestos Group operated a mine on the Eden-Lowell town line for more than a century, shutting down in 1993 when the market tanked because the health risks of asbestos, now a known carcinogen, were revealed. The mine left marks on the land where it once operated, including huge piles of asbestos, which the EPA stepped in to contain in the mid-2000s, and deteriorating storage buildings filled with asbestos ore. In 2013, the asbestos group agreed to pay $3,360,082.60 to the EPA and $174,620 to the state for prior remediation costs. It also agreed to pay $50,000 for continued mitigation efforts, according to the news source.

Now, the group’s owner, Howard Manosh, who invested in the mine in 1978, is in the early stages of planning to move 75,000 cubic yards per year of the 25 million to 50 million yards of asbestos-tainted material 100 miles to a Groveton, New Hampshire, plant that would turn the material into manufacturing chemicals magnesium oxide and hydroxides. That equates to “a single daily shift of eight to 10 hours six days per week, sending 15 to 17 trucks per day to Groveton from May through November until all the material has been removed,” the news source states.

The plant is not expected to be constructed until at least 2020, though. “This project is not a done deal,” Manosh said. “Groveton doesn’t have a plant yet. I still need permission to move material offsite. These things take time.”

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