One year’s newly diagnosed asbestos-related diseases cost Canada $2.3 billion

21 Sep 2017 by under News

Canadian Money CREDIT KMR Photography 100x100 One years newly diagnosed asbestos related diseases cost Canada $2.3 billionThe first study to place a monetary cost to Canadian society for work-related exposures has suggested a high price tag. The Institute for Work & Health in Toronto has suggested the costs total $2.35 billion for Canadians, according to Canadian Occupational Safety.

To arrive at the billion-dollar figure, researchers studied the costs of newly diagnosed cases of mesothelioma and lung cancer that were linked to occupational and secondhand exposure — when a worker transfers asbestos fibers from work to home through clothing, tools, vehicle, etc. The team analyzed 427 newly diagnosed cases of mesothelioma and 1,904 new cases of lung cancer in 2011 for costs in three areas: direct costs like health care, indirect costs such as loss of productivity and unpaid work at home, and quality of life costs like loss of enjoyment of life.

The researcher originally proposed the total to be $1.9 billion before including the value of lost unpaid work at home, which was included at the request of the study’s peer reviewers. According to the report, the economic burden of asbestos-caused lung cancer is higher than that of mesothelioma with a total of $81.8 million in health care costs, $298.3 million in loss of productivity and $21.2 million in insurance administration costs. In comparison, Canadian Occupational Safety reports the study determined work-related mesothelioma to cost $23.2 million in health care costs, $117.7 million in loss of productivity, $36.8 million in insurance administration costs and $482.3 million due to mesothelioma being an occupational disease.

announced plans last year to ban asbestos use by the end of 2018.

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