Governments address asbestos abatement logistics

13 Oct 2017 by under News

800px Bauer Elementary ASBESTOS 2 100x100 Governments address asbestos abatement logistics contamination in public properties can cost a pretty penny that’s charged to taxpayers’ tabs. From American courts to British Parliament, contamination can also cause delays and relocations. However, public safety should remain a priority.

A county in Indiana is one of the latest government entities to have to change plans due to asbestos. Madison County, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis, has been forced to vacate its downtown courthouse for seven months due to remediation efforts. Asbestos was first found in the 43-year-old building’s fireproofing materials in October 2016, and remediation efforts are expected to begin in December and cost $3.5 million, according to The Herald Bulletin. During that time, the county will be leasing space at the Anderson University campus and floors at a downtown building in order to relocate its operations, including the county’s court system and clerk office.

“We looked at many options,” Commissioner Steffanie Owens told the news source. “Our concern was about personal safety. Safety came first. It was difficult to find a place to fit everyone and continue for the work to be done. This is not perfect, but was our best option.”

Though smaller in scale, it’s a similar situation to that of the Palace of Westminster, which members of UK Parliament are expected to vacate from 2022 to 2028 as renovations, including , are underway. MyMeso previously reported on the debate over the best option for remediation efforts. Plans ranged from a 32-year timeline and a $7 billion price tag to a six-year timeline and a $4.4 billion price tag. It will mark the first time members of parliament have moved out since World War II.

Indeed, asbestos remediation can be costly and inconvenient, leaving officials to try to determine the best option, but buildings intended to serve the public must be safe.


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