Australian city council faces removal after asbestos mismanagement

18 Dec 2017 by under News

download 100x100 Australian city council faces removal after asbestos mismanagementThe 12 members of a council in one Australian city are likely updating their resumes after asbestos mismanagement has put them under the scrutiny of an investigation by SafeWork New South Wales.

The Australian reports the Blue Mountain City Council is catching heat after asbestos mismanagement was found in council-run workplaces, including a preschool, library, citizens hall and council depot. “SafeWork will get to the bottom of the way in which Blue Mountains City Council has handled this very important issue – we won’t cop workers or the community being exposed to danger,” Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean told the news source.

In light of the investigation into their handling — or often mishandling — of asbestos in government buildings, the council had to present a case for why they should be able to keep their jobs last week, “arguing (they) has done everything possible to fix serious asbestos issues,” after a notice of intent to suspend them was issued earlier this month, according to the Blue Mountain Gazette.

The council claims it has met all asbestos removal deadlines imposed on them and allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the abatement of more than 27 sites found to have asbestos issues. At the standing-room-only meeting last week where the council members presented their case, the mayor reportedly asked the Minister Gabrielle Upton, who will make the decision, “Minister, what else do you want? Let us know and we will comply,” multiple times. The Gazette reports the audience seemed to support the council.

Pending another meeting this week, the council will await a decision from Minister Upton.

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