New nomogram may help determine mesothelioma patient outcomes

5 Jan 2018 by under Research/Treatment

587px Researcher looks through microscope 1 100x100 New nomogram may help determine mesothelioma patient outcomesAccurately determining prognosis for those with mesothelioma allows doctors to make informed decisions about treatment options for their patients and allows patients to make informed quality of life and financial decisions. Because mesothelioma patients rarely live long after diagnosis, patient prognosis plays a significant role in research efforts.

Thoracic surgery experts from China’s Fudan University believe they have developed a diagram to help determine patient outcomes, Surviving Mesothelioma reports. The diagram, known as a nomogram, allows doctors to quickly assess prognosis by visually connecting different factors, such as age, race, year of diagnosis, histology, tumor stage and chemotherapy, radiations and surgical history, to mesothelioma survival rates. To determine which factors to include on the diagram, the team used data on 1,092 mesothelioma patients via the Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) database.

“The overall 1-, 2-, and 3-year survival rate in the entire cohort was 45.1, 23.0, and 12.1 percent with median survival of 11 months,” according to the study. When survival rates predicted by the nomogram were compared to actual patient results from the database, researchers determined they “developed a nomogram to accurately predict clinical outcomes of MPM patients based on individual characteristics.” This could potentially streamline the determination of which therapy to use for a patient and which follow-up therapies may be beneficial.

Of course, doctors have a variety of diagnostic tools at their disposal, including using PET/CT analysis to determine the tumor’s metabolic rate and measuring inflammation and platelet counts, according to the news source. Much research is also focusing on identifying specific biomarkers that could be used to determine more reliably.

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