Deadline for suits against W.R. Grace & Co. approaches

8 Jan 2018 by under News

800px Bauer Elementary ASBESTOS 2 100x100 Deadline for suits against W.R. Grace & Co. approaches, Montana residents affected by asbestos exposure are on notice as the deadline for filing suits against the asbestos mine  is quickly approaching.

Those diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease prior to Feb. 25, 2015, have until Feb. 25—a little more than a month from now—to file a suit against , the vermiculite mine that operated in Libby from 1963 to 1990, according to The Daily Inter Lake.

The statute of limitations is typically three years from the date of diagnosis to file a personal injury claim. However, in 2015, a trust was created with a three-year time frame as part of the mine’s bankruptcy proceedings. The creation of the trust allowed for anyone with a claim to have three years from its creation to file a claim rather than three years from the date of diagnosis. This likely makes the Feb. 15 deadline the last chance for most to file an asbestos-related claim against any entity. This deadline applies even to those have yet to develop a major health issues after an early diagnosis.

Early diagnosis is becoming more prevalent in Libby thanks to a Center for Asbestos Related Disease clinic located there. The news source reports about 8,300 people have been screened so far for the development of an asbestos-related disease, including asbestosis, lung cancer or mesothelioma.

This litigation deadline approaches as the Environmental Protection Agency deadline for residential remediation efforts in the area through its Superfund designation passed last year. March 31, 2017, marked the final call for EPA-funded remediation efforts on private property.

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