Australian town council able to avoid suspension over asbestos mismanagement

18 Jan 2018 by under News

download 100x100 Australian town council able to avoid suspension over asbestos mismanagementThe verdict is in for the Australian city council that found themselves potentially out of a job for asbestos mismanagement, pending review from the New South Wales Minister for Local Government.

Minister Gabrielle Upton didn’t suspend the council as threatened, but instead issued a series of performance improvements that were quickly approved in a council meeting last week, according to the Blue Mountain Gazette. “What’s important that’s come out of this is we have an organization that’s safer. We minimize the risk of further generations inhaling this poisonous stuff,” Mayor Mark Greenhill told the news source.

MyMeso previously reported the Blue Mountain City Council caught heat after asbestos mismanagement was found in council-run workplaces, including a preschool, library, citizens hall and council depot. The council claimed it met all imposed asbestos removal deadlines and allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars for the abatement of more than 27 sites found to have asbestos issues.

Asbestos is a group of silicate minerals once used in a variety of construction and manufacturing processes until it was linked with the development of cancers, including lung cancer and mesothelioma. has had a complete ban on asbestos since 2003, but asbestos already present in aging buildings continues to prove a problem, as the council found.

The council is now receiving regular updates on asbestos management from the acting general manager and has initiated an independent inquiry into the issues as well. They have planned additional meetings to propose other ways “that council’s workplace culture and inter-departmental relations and process can be improved,” Councilor Kerry Brown said.

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