Superfund Redevelopment Focus List includes sites plagued by asbestos contamination

29 Jan 2018 by under News

borit superfund site signage1 100x100 Superfund Redevelopment Focus List includes sites plagued by asbestos contaminationThe Environmental Protection Agency’s () National Priorities List (NPL) includes 1,345 uncontrolled hazardous waste sites around the country. These sites could contain , phosphates, creosote, lead or a number of other toxins that pose a risk to human health.

On Jan. 17, 2018, the EPA released a list of Superfund NPL sites with “the greatest expected redevelopment and commercial potential.” The goal of the list is to successfully return Superfund sites “to productive use in communities across the country.” Three of those on this most recent list involved extensive asbestos remediation.

The NPL includes seven sites due to improper disposal/management of asbestos-containing materials. In addition, one on the list is a former vermiculite mine, and five others contain naturally occurring asbestos. Of those 13, nine are designated as EPA Superfund sites, which address hazardous waste in abandoned areas.

“The Agency can clean up sites or compel responsible parties to perform cleanups or reimburse the government for EPA-led cleanups under the authority of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act,” its website explains about the Superfund designation. “In the past, EPA response actions often addressed conditions where materials containing greater than 1 percent asbestos were present. However, asbestos in soils at and below 1 percent may still pose unacceptable health risks depending on site-specific conditions and land use.”

The Superfund Redevelopment Focus List (SRFL) highlights those that are ready for redevelopment after remediation efforts. The newest list includes the BoRit Asbestos site in Pennsylvania and the Libby Asbestos and Libby Groundwater sites in Montana.

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