Four types of mesothelioma linked to asbestos exposure

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Mesothelioma 100x100 Four types of mesothelioma linked to asbestos exposureMesothelioma is a rare cancer that affects the lining of internal organs. There are four types of : pleural, peritoneal, pericardial and tunica vaginalis (testicular). All types of have been linked to asbestos exposure. Most exposure to asbestos occurs in the workplace. The disease can take 15 to 50 years from exposure to present with symptoms.

is the most common type of the disease, making up about three-quarters of all cases of mesothelioma. affects the pleura, which is the lining that coats the lungs and chest wall. Symptoms include pain in the side of the chest or lower back, shortness of breath, cough, fever, excessive sweating, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, and swelling of the face and arms. The disease usually proves deadly within 12 to 24 months after diagnosis.

Peritoneal mesothelioma is the second most common form of the disease, making up about a quarter of the cases reported annually. Peritoneal mesothelioma involves the peritoneum, the lining that coats the inside of the abdomen and many of the abdominal organs. Symptoms include abdominal pain, swelling or fluid in the abdomen, unexplained weight loss, nausea and vomiting, and constipation. Median survival is about one year after diagnosis.

Pericardial mesothelioma is extremely rare, making up about 1 percent of all mesothelioma cases. The disease develops in the lining that coats the heart. Symptoms include palpitations or irregular heartbeat, chest pain, heart murmurs, cough, difficulty breathing at rest and/or while lying down, fatigue, and fever or night sweats. Pericardial is difficult to diagnose and is often identified during an autopsy. Median survival is about six months.

Tunica vaginalis mesothelioma, also called testicular mesothelioma, is also extremely rare with about 100 cases reported since the 1950s. Symptoms include a buildup of fluid in the scrotum, abnormal lump inside the scrotum, and pain and swelling of the testes. Little is known about this rare form of mesothelioma, but most studies show a median survival of about 20 to 30 months after diagnosis.

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