Asbestos lawsuit blames several manufacturers for cancer diagnosis

29 Aug 2018 by under Legal

800px Bauer Elementary ASBESTOS 2 100x100 Asbestos lawsuit blames several manufacturers for cancer diagnosisAn Illinois man is suing several manufacturers for exposing him to the known carcinogen asbestos, which he says contributed to his lung cancer diagnosis earlier this year.

Benton Street III filed a complaint on July 19 in St. Clair County Circuit Court in Belleville, Illinois, against a long list of -containing product manufacturers including Buffalo Air Handling and Semens Industry. He claims that the companies knew was toxic to humans but failed to adequately warn him of the serious risks associated with working around and handling and -containing products.

Asbestos is a mineral that contains fibers that are both strong and fire resistant, and as a result was widely used in building materials like insulation and roof tiles, friction products like brakes and clutches, and shipbuilding components. The microscopic fibers of asbestos, if swallowed or inhaled, can become lodged in internal organs like the lungs and abdomen. Over the course of years or even decades, serious diseases can result from the asbestos fibers including the incurable lung disease asbestosis, lung cancer, and , a rare but deadly form of cancer that develops in the tissue that surrounds the lungs, abdomen and other internal organs.

Because asbestos exposure is so lethal, its use has been significantly reduced since the 1980s, and those who work near or with asbestos must wear special full body gear to protect themselves from the health risks of asbestos exposure.

Street is requesting a trial by jury and damages from the numerous manufacturing companies named in his lawsuit.

Source: Madison Record

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