Petition to Ban Asbestos

To: The United States Congress

This petition is to request that the United States Congress pass legislation to ensure a complete and total ban of use in the United States, and to designate funds specifically for mesothelioma research.


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Wendi Lewis, Montgomery, Alabama

Jason Wohlford, Montgomery, Alabama

Heather Von St James, Roseville, MN

Michael Crill, Missoula, Mt
The ban on asbestos must be reality because the truth along with the latency period is upon us.Within 10 to 30 years from now, a major Mesothelioma epidemic will be at it's peek.We are just beginning to see this as today Mesothelioma is a house hold word and millions have asbestos related diseases who will no dought get Meso...if something does not kill them...first.I hate to be so gloom over all this but the truth is like a Holocaust with a 40 years time capsule from the day of first exposure.My children will suffer till death as I for being born and raised in Libby.The best and ONLY thing we can do for the sake of those we leave behind is to tell them the truth and direct them where not to go.Since 1999, I have continued to tell all who will listen to stay away from Libby Mt.Libby is not safe to anything that breathes.I have saved many people who have the right and need to know the truth.Not to sell Libby as safe...Thank you mymeso for the public warnings and info...God Bless you all.No To ASBESTOS!!! Tell Canada to also stop killing more people.We need a world ban.They say it will take 5 Generations of sickness til death from asbestos before we see a decline in deaths...IF we do something about this now.We must protect our children at all costs.Had I known then, my children would not be following my foot steps...

Nichol Mattson, Lafayette, CO
My beautiful 4-year-old daughter has peritoneal mesothelioma. This should not happen to children! We need a cure! We need to ban all known causes of this disease! Thank you.

Marie Hennecart, erie, colorado

xxxxxxxx, Richmond, VA

kelly keenan, banning, california
I have just read the book regarding Libby Montana and I am outraged that are country hasn't not banned asbestos.

Carolyn Ferguson, Tampa, Fl
This stuff really needs to be banned, espcially for the young, the elderly and people with problems with their lungs,

Lynne, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
My darling husband Rob died July 08 with Mesothelioma aged 61, a wonderful husband, father and grandfather who is loved and missed more with each passing day, so everyone must sign this petition to stop the suffering and heartbreak this terrible disease brings.

Tonya Sullivan, Midland, Texas
In memory of the most wonderful man I've ever known, my father. He, Wayne Jones, "Paw-Paw" to his grandchildren, went to be with our lord and savior on Thursday, May 28th, 2009 after a 6 month battle with peritoneal mesothelioma. Asbestos took my daddy from me and took my children's paw-paw from them. I'm joining forces with my sister, and we will do anything, and everything, it takes to keep this from happening to others.

Tara Music, Ormond Beach, Florida
My father, Raymond Beltrami, the rock of our family died July 1, 2008, 6 months after being diagnosed with Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma. My father just did the work he did all his life. How were we to know it would end up taking his life. Tara Music

Noreen Beltrami, Ormond Beach, Florida
I am writing this in the hope we can accumulate enough voices to say "enough".
I lost the love of my life one week shy of our 41rst wedding anniversary to pleural mesothelioma.He had just finished his 6th round of chemo and we were hopeful he was going to be the "miracle" but, he lost his brave battle and died in my arms the early morning of July 1rst 2008.
Please ban the use of this evil product named asbestos.
There are enough tears shed for our loved ones to fill all the oceans.

Scott Thomas, Montgomery, AL
Ban today!

Carrie N. Coke, Houston, Texas

Robin Jones, Havelock, NC
Please ban asbestos and help save lives!

xxxxxxxx, Greeley, CO

xxxxxxxx, Eden Prairie, MN

Mrs Suzanne Marlborough, BRISTOL, England
There are not enough words to describe the devastating effect this mineral has had on my life and many others.

Suzanne Guidry, Parker, CO
As someone who supports the Mattson family and follows Zaida's cancer fight closely, I strongly urge a COMPLETE BAN ON ASBESTOS!!!! NO MORE SUFFERING ANGELS!!

Sherrill Jones, Broomfield, C

Stanley P Jones, Westminster, CO

Kari Whitney, Denver, Co

Deborah Schoeneshoefer, Erie, Co

xxxxxxxx, Lafayette, CO
Congressmen & Congresswoman:
Please BAN ASBESTOS, universally. We have known about its dangers for decades, yet still have not passed legislation in this country sufficient to thwart its traumatic and ruinous impact on peoples' lives. ACT NOW!

Nathan Mattson, Duluth, MN

Trica Keinanen, Cloquet, MN

Vanessa Bonner, Lafayette, CO

Anita Larson Andres, Omaha, NE
Senators Nelson and Johanns and Representative Fortenberry of Nebraska - please support this legislation - mesothelioma impacts people throughout our country.

Rita Arline Haider, Coon Rapids, Minnesota
Please ban asbestos now and find a cure for this horrible cancer.

Linda Ellefson, St. Peter, MN

Lori Plieseis, Le Sueur, MN

xxxxxxxx, Spring Lake Park, MN

Danielle Letellier, Temperance, Michigan
Please ban asbestos! No one deserves to get cancer from asbestos, least of all young children. This needs to stop! This is for you Zaida!

Linda Andrys, White Bear Lake, MN
For Zaida and her family

xxxxxxxx, Baltimore, MD,

xxxxxxxx, Binghamton, NY
I am appalled to find out that asbestos is NOT banned?!!! What are we waiting for?!! BAN ASBESTOS NOW!

David Zeak, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Too many family members are being lost to asbestos exposure, it's still around us. I added my signature because I love my family.

Kathy Erndl, Pittsburgh, PA
Asbestos claimed the life of my father, John Erndl, on May 28, 2009 after a 6 month battle with mesothelioma. He was exposed to asbestos at his workplace,where he went faithfully every day of adult life to support his family. At 77, he was still healthy until his meso diagnosis. He shouldn't have died this way. It has been known for many, many years that asbestos kills and yet there is no ban in this country. How many people have to die unnecessarily? Ban asbestos now.

Mary McDonough, Tucson, Arizona
My son Jesse was diagnosed this January 2009 with Peritoneal Mesothelioma. Jesse is 22 years old. What are we waiting for, BAN Asbestos NOW.

ann thomas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
My mother died of Mesothelioma June,4 2008 after a brutal 10 month battle. She was exposed 40 yrs ago washing my father's work clothes. She was a healthy 71 yr old woman with many years to enjoy. Its crimminal that Asbestos remains in buildings today and that little funding is applied for research. Its chilling that this disease remains dormant for 30-40 yrs then strikes with a vengence and no mercy. Im afraid the number of cases will be rising soon, considering the time frame. Bless all of you who have been touched or will be touched by this dreadful disease. IT MUST and can be stopped.

Deanna Brady, Springfield, MO
I lost my dad to mesothelioma in December, 2008 after a 4 week battle. It is the most horrible thing I have ever had to endure. Please ban asbestos so that no one else will have to lose a loved one to such a horrible disease.

Colleen Dunnett, Loves Park, IL
My father died from mesothelioma in August 2006. He was a mechanical maintenance man for a local electric company where he came into contact with asbestos for many years during his employment. Mesothelioma is a devistating cancer and could be totally avoided if asbestos is banned. Please ban asbestos!

Melissa Freund, Belvidere, IL
In memory of my best friends father who left his family earlier than expected due to "asbestos poisening". He died because it was easier for companies to keep their secrets than to do the right thing and keep their employees safe.

Joanne Finley, Loves Park, Illinois

xxxxxxxx, Fremont, CA
There is no reason this should be legal!!

xxxxxxxx, Proberta, Ca

Kathy Erndl, Pittsburgh, PA
Asbestos and mesothelioma have claimed another member of my family:my mother, Barbara Erndl, who passed on November 16, 2009. No, she didn't have the disease - she had her own medical problems - but after spending the last 57 years with my father, John Erndl, who succumbed to mesothelioma on May 28, 2009, she couldn't bear to be without him. She and Dad had always been inseparable. Family and friends say that she died of a broken heart. This disease has devastated our lives. Ban asbestos so other families are not devastated the way mine has been.

Adam Deane, London, UK

lee rider, bradford west yorkshire, england
i lost my father in law last year asbestos devistates peoples lives & familys my family found this out first hand when my father in law passed away please support this petition to ban asbestos dont be the next to find out the effects this thing can have on a complete family

jayne rider, bradford, england
Asbestos should be band because i lost my dad( paul hewitt)just over a year ago to mesothelioma... within 5weeks it destroyed our family...stop it before it destroyes yours

xxxxxxxx, Fort Worth, Texas
Please ban this terrible substance; it is truly hurting the people we love and care about. I lost my mother January 2009 and up to this day I still do not understand where she got this from. She was never exposed to it that we know of. None of my family were exposed that we know of. So what hurts me is not only did I lose my mom to this terrible disease but I also am confused as to where she got it. I think I will never have closure until I find out how she was affected with this terrible disease. It hurts everyday knowing this substance is still out there. Please ban it......

Greg Cameron, Surrey, British Columbia

Sharon Cloutier, Salem, Oregon

xxxxxxxx, palo alto, ca
justice in health

Wendy L. Ellis, Seattle, WA
It's actually quite horrifying how many chemicals are in use today that are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, etc. We use these chemicals in our food, pillows, clothing (flame retardants), in carpets, virtually everywhere we go. We need to be more proactive in protecting our people and our environment. It is outrageous that we knowingly put these chemicals into the environment.

Deborah Neikirk, Los Angeles, CA

Michelle Hall, Portland, O

Helen Lauritzen, Port Townsend, WA
It is outrageous that asbestos has not yet been banned. Its effects have been known for ages, so why does it continue to be used?!!!

xxxxxxxx, kent, wa

xxxxxxxx, Ventura, CA
I'm shocked that this toxic product has not been banned! Asbestos must be eliminated from our environment.

Tyler Matney, Mesa, Arizona
This must be banned. This is a known killer of innocent people. There are so many alternatives available. To do nothing is foolish and deadly.

Suzannah Calvery, Kirkland, WA
My best friend's father died an untimely and sudden death due to asbestos exposure. It is an absolute travesty that this substance is not outlawed in our country.

claire tangvald, ,

Chuck Chambers, Santa Fe, NM
Enough is enough. This material is a known health risk. Get rid of this from our buildings, ships, and eliminate the inhalation/aersosol risks to all of us who breathe!!!

maria neumann, alameda, ca

xxxxxxxx, Fall City, WA

Temp Temple, Montgomery, Alabama

Sonja Cristante, Vancouver, British Columbia

Jana Mandic, Bunaby BC, Canada

Kurt N., Montgomery, AL

Stephanie Qrys, Prattville, AL