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EPA Superfund site secures funding for asbestos removal

6 Sep 2017 by under News
pillsbury 100x100 EPA Superfund site secures funding for asbestos removal

Credit: EPA

A Springfield, Illinois (EPA) Superfund site will not shut down due to lack of funds for removal.

The Pillsbury Mills site is a former food processing plant that fell under EPA supervision in March 2016; remediation efforts began in February. According to WAND 17, it was possible the site would run out of funding by this Labor Day. The cleanup was originally estimated to cost $1.6 million, but the site’s 47,000-square-foot basement flooded and contained asbestos that had to be removed, putting the project in jeopardy. (more…)

Remediation talks begin for St. Louis neighborhood’s asbestos contamination

24 Jul 2017 by under News

640px FEMA   39239   Worker in Hazmat suit in Texas 100x100 Remediation talks begin for St. Louis neighborhoods asbestos contamination Though some residents remain skeptical, a remediation plan for a St. Louis neighborhood plagued by contamination after a house fire is slowly taking shape. The house, believed to have ties to Mark Twain, caught fire July 12, and as MyMeso previously reported, local officials were slow to act, prompting residents who were concerned about the possibility of asbestos to contact the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA confirmed the residents’ suspicions: Asbestos was present in the charred debris. (more…)

Construction on former Pennsylvania asbestos products factory causes concern

22 Jun 2017 by under News

AmblerSeal 100x100 Construction on former Pennsylvania asbestos products factory causes concernAmbler, Pennsylvania, has a history riddled with , as it was once home to Keasbey & Mattison Co., a building products manufacturing company in the early- to mid-1900s that extensively used . Part of the town is currently designated as a Site by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other parts used to have that designation but remediation has since been completed.

Tensions are currently high in the area over the creation of a 115-unit apartment complex building on the Bast tract, an area of land that once held Keasbey & Mattison Co.’s manufacturing facilities for the creation of asbestos products. Members of the community are concerned that asbestos fibers would become airborne or be washed into a nearby creek during construction, according to The Ambler Gazette. (more…)

Australian government clarifies asbestos pledge

17 May 2017 by under News

GHS pictogram silhouette.svg  100x100 Australian government clarifies asbestos pledge’s Victorian government is under fire for what some are calling broken campaign promises. During a state government audit in 2014, some schools in the region were found to be so plagued with carcinogenic , they needed to be shut down. Labor party officials then campaigned under the suggestion of removing all asbestos from schools by 2020, according to sources quoted in The Brisbane Times, but government officials are now clarifying the promise. (more…)

Milwaukee Superfund cleanup includes asbestos remediation

9 May 2017 by under News

Paducah Asbestos Removal 7450132130 100x100 Milwaukee Superfund cleanup includes asbestos remediationClean up of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s fourth Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) site in the last five years is underway.

Late last month the EPA began a hazardous materials cleanup in the former VE Carter School of Excellence in Milwaukee after airborne was found to be so thick in some rooms “it looked like snow,” according to the EPA. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the project is expected to cost the EPA up to $423, 356, and asbestos remediation is only a portion of it. Other risks in the building include “flammable and corrosive chemicals, poisons, PCBs, lead, hazardous ash and mercury from switches and thermometers,” according to the news source. (more…)

EPA remediation deadline passes for Libby residents

4 Apr 2017 by under News

Libby Montana Eagles 1 100x100 EPA remediation deadline passes for Libby residentsThe deadline for Libby, Montana, residents to request cleanup on their properties has come and gone. March 31 was the end of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “last call” for residents in Libby and surrounding Lincoln County to put their properties’ asbestos remediation on the EPA’s tab, according to the Flathead Beacon.

Libby was home to an asbestos-contaminated vermiculite mine from 1963 to 1990, and the EPA has been conducting asbestos cleanup in the surrounding area since it was declared a Superfund site in the early 2000s. The EPA has been wrapping up its final push to get residents to sign access agreements so the agency can investigate and/or remediate remaining properties. (more…)

Asbestos-contaminated soil adds up to half-million-dollar headache for Louisiana parish

16 Jun 2014 by under News

jefferson parish logo 100x100 Asbestos contaminated soil adds up to half million dollar headache for Louisiana parishA plan to fill land at a construction project with excess soil from an Army Corps of Engineers project turned into a half-million dollar headache for , La., officials when it turned out the soil was contaminated with asbestos. Exposure to asbestos is linked to serious illnesses, including mesothelioma, a rare and deadly form of cancer. When job site officials identified asbestos in the soil, the construction project had to be stopped until the hazardous material could be contained, properly disposed of, and the site cleaned and deemed safe for workers and the public. (more…)