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Get ready to bust a plate! It’s almost Lung Leavin’ Day!

16 Jan 2014 by under Events, News, People

LLD TalkingPlate Get ready to bust a plate! Its almost Lung Leavin Day!It might sound crazy to some people, but survivor Heather Von St. James, her family, friends and ever-growing network of are getting ready to celebrate the 8th annual Lung Leavin’ Day on Februrary 2, 2014. The celebration was devised to mark the anniversary of Heather’s extrapleural pneumonectomy – a radical treatment for mesothelioma in which a lung, part of the diaphragm and surrounding tissue is removed in an effort to battle the rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. (more…)

Meso survivor Heather shares her message of hope in video

14 May 2013 by under News, Organizations, People, Research/Treatment, Video

heather thumbs up 11 2009 100x100 Meso survivor Heather shares her message of hope in videoThose of you who have been following the myMeso blog for a while remember our friend , a meso survivor and warrior from . Heather was diagnosed with malignant pleural mesothelioma just a few months after giving birth to her daughter Lily, at the young age of 36. There is currently no known cure for mesothelioma, which is related ot asbestos exposure, and traditionally patients are given a matter of months to live following a diagnosis. This was unacceptable to Heather and her husband, Cameron, were determined to find an answer, and to fight. (more…)