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UK House of Commons threatened by asbestos

15 Mar 2017 by under News

640px Palace of Westminster 100x100 UK House of Commons threatened by asbestosThe UK’s House of Commons is permanently dialing down the air conditioning for fear of , and reportedly the move follows authorities having to consider an emergency evacuation after “deadly levels of asbestos were registered in the chamber,” according to The Express. Though follow-up readings were reduced to a “safe level,” according to the news source, authorities decided to permanently turn down the air last week to reduce exposure risk . (more…)

Lawmakers discuss renovations on Palace of Westminster, include asbestos concerns

2 Mar 2017 by under News

UKParliament 100x100 Lawmakers discuss renovations on Palace of Westminster, include asbestos concernsThe meeting place of Britain’s is due for some much-needed renovations, and lawmakers are now in the process of determining the details of the rehab plan, which will likely relocate government workers for years and cost billions of dollars. (more…)

Debbie Brewer to voice mesothelioma concerns to Parliament!

29 Jan 2013 by under Events, News, People

Debbie Brewer 100x100 Debbie Brewer to voice mesothelioma concerns to Parliament!Exciting news!! Mesothelioma Warrior Debbie Brewer, our friend from the U.K., will speak to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom in July! Debbie will address , sharing her personal battle with mesothelioma and raising about the dangers of asbestos exposure. (more…)

Startling statistic revealed during UK pleural plaque debate

3 Dec 2009 by under Legal, News, People

There is an ongoing debate in the about whether the country’s Labour department is responsible for compensating workers suffering from pleural plaques. In 2007, the Law Lords ruled that pleural plaques did not qualify for worker’s compensation. Pleural plaques are areas of fibrosis, or scar tissue caused by exposure to asbestos. They are usually found on the inside of the diaphragm.

A champion for the rights of workers who have developed pleural plaques as a result of exposure to asbestos in the workplace is Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn. In a meeting at the House of Commons on Nov. 27, he argued the issue of pleural plaques is “immensely important” to workers and pensioners, and insisted it is the duty of members of both sides of the House to overturn the “disgraceful and unjust decision by the Law Lords to bar this terrible illness from classification as a designated illness for compensation purposes,” according to a report in The Chronicle.

Hepburn also told the Commons that pleural plaques sufferers are 1,000 times more likely to develop a more serious form of asbestos-related cancer. is a deadly form of cancer that affects the lining of the chest cavity and lungs (pleural) or the lining of the stomach (peritoneal). It may also rarely affect the lining of the heart (pericardial). There is no known cure for .

During the heated debate, The Daily Mirror reports that statistics were revealed that show mesothelioma rates in the UK have nearly doubled in 10 years. According to the news source, hospitals treated 7,349 cases of mesothelioma in the past year, compared to 3,773 cases during the timeframe of 1998-99. The Mirror calls mesothelioma an “asbestos timebomb,” citing the disease’s long latency period.

The Mirror quotes Hepburn as saying, “We’re seeing the legacy of workers exposed to asbestos in the 1960s.”