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Lawsuit filed by machinist diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer

27 Feb 2014 by under Legal, News

Gavel Scales of Justice American flag square 100x100 Lawsuit filed by machinist diagnosed with asbestos related lung cancerAn asbestos exposure complaint was filed Feb. 12, 2014, by a man who was recently diagnosed with asbestos-related lung cancer. Working as a for numerous companies, Milton M. Schuster, Sr., was allegedly exposed to asbestos from 1954 through 1985 by his former employers’ products, leading to his diagnosis on Dec. 12, 2013, according to the complaint. (more…)

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer tangled up in asbestos injury lawsuits

3 Jul 2013 by under Legal, News

Pfizer logo 100x100 Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer tangled up in asbestos injury lawsuitsIt seems odd that a company primarily involved in human pharmaceutical research, development and production is on the hook for nearly $1 billion in damages to the victims of asbestos-related diseases. But that’s exactly the situation in which drug maker finds itself. (more…)

Football, television star Merlin Olsen diagnosed with mesothelioma

20 Jan 2010 by under News, People

merlin olsen 100x100 Football, television star Merlin Olsen diagnosed with mesotheliomaOn Dec. 31, the online celebrity news source, TMZ, revealed that football and television star Merlin Olsen has filed a lawsuit against a number of companies, claiming they are responsible for exposing him to asbestos, resulting in his recent diagnosis of malignant . Companies named in the suit are Sherwin Williams and Lennox Industries, whose products Olsen says he was exposed to during jobs in his youth, but also NBC Studios, NBC Universal, and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. It is unclear from the lawsuit how the television and movie companies contributed to Olsen’s asbestos exposure.

Olsen was a professional football player for the Rams team, and later had a successful career as a sportscaster and actor, most notably on shows “Little House on the Prairie” and “Father Murphy.”

According to the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the defendants “were engaged in the business of manufacturing, fabricating, designing, assembling, distributing, leasing, buying, selling, inspecting, servicing, installing, repairing, marketing, warranting and advertising a certain substance the generic name of which is asbestos.”

News reports say Olsen, with wife Susan by his side, is fighting his mesothelioma and currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Read the complaint.