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New technique may improve extrapleural pneumonctomy outcomes

12 Dec 2016 by under Research/Treatment

upper body 944557 960 720 100x100 New technique may improve extrapleural pneumonctomy outcomesFor survivors like Heather Von St. James who have undergone an extrapleural pneumonctomy as treatment for their pleural mesothelioma, one day a year has a unique designation. Feb. 2 is St. James’ Lung Leavin’ Day. The name graphically illustrates the basic tenant of the medical procedure, which involves removing a lung and some of the tissues and diaphragm surrounding it in order to remove the cancer that affects the lining of the lung and chest cavity.

Now, thanks to a new Italian medical discovery, an innovative new surgical technique could reduce surgery complications and increase the number of survivors with their own Lung Leavin’ Days in the future. (more…)