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Democratic powerhouse Ferrell lobbies against asbestos while dying of mesothelioma

19 Nov 2008 by under Legal, News, People

mferrell Democratic powerhouse Ferrell lobbies against asbestos while dying of mesotheliomaAs he lay dying of mesothelioma in a Miami area intensive care unit, successful attorney, Democratic Party activist and philanthropist Milton M. Ferrell, Jr., recorded a video deposition against asbestos manufacturers, according to a report in the Miami Herald. Ferrell passed away just a little over 15 hours later, on Saturday, Nov. 15.

Recorded with literally his last breaths, the video deposition names the Big Three automakers, along with specific brake manufacturers, accusing them of marketing “unreasonably dangerous” products and failing to warn people about the asbestos danger inherent in the products, the Herald reports. According to the paper, Ferrell worked on automobiles as a young man, and it is suspected he inhaled asbestos fibers while working on brakes.

Ferrell, who was listed among the country’s top 100 attorneys in 2006, began suffering what his wife described as “flu-like symptoms” about two years ago, the Herald reports. He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in Spring 2008 and had his left lung removed in May. But the cancer spread to his brain, stomach, hip and his right lung. He rejected pain medication on his deathbed in order to record his deposition, according to the Herald.

Among his achievements, he founded his own firm, Ferrell Law, with offices in Miami and . Active in Democratic politics, he was a major fundraiser for President Bill Clinton and served as John Kerry’s Florida finance chairman in 2004 during Kerry’s bid for the White House.

Funeral services are set for Friday, Nov. 21, at 11 a.m. at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Miami. The family requests in lieu of flowers that donations be made to the International Mesothelioma Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in . Ferrell is survived by his wife Lori, son Morgan and daughter Whitney.