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Former asbestos mine plans to transport asbestos-tainted materials in remediation plan

12 Sep 2017 by under News

91217 100x100 Former asbestos mine plans to transport asbestos tainted materials in remediation planAfter years of remediation efforts, the owner of the former Group mine has developed a long-term plan. The catch? It involves transporting millions of tons of asbestos to a plant that doesn’t exist yet to convert it into useful materials. It’s a plan that is tentative, faces many hurdles and wouldn’t happen for years, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on board, according to the News & Citizen. (more…)

Alleged asbestos dumping crime in Mass. under investigation by EPA

25 Apr 2016 by under News

EPA logo 100x100 Alleged asbestos dumping crime in Mass. under investigation by EPABrady Sullivan-owned Mill West Properties in Lawrence, Mass., is now under investigation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency () after the company was believed to have been responsible for dumping toxic sandblasting grit that tested at 70 percent chrysotile asbestos.

According to Public Radio (NHPR), a number of emails were exchanged last September between several officials, Massachusetts environmental officials and the EPA regarding what was referred to as the “black beauty” sandblast grit. The emails also stated that 10 truckloads of the asbestos-tainted grit had been deposited in the basement cement of the Mill West Properties building, as well as in several piles outside. (more…)