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Meso survivor Debbie campaigns for groundbreaking meso trial in UK

7 Jan 2009 by under News

A young woman suffering from breast cancer, which later spread to her liver and vertebrae, has been inspired by our friend Debbie Brewer’s success with the groundbreaking chemoembolization trial in the treatment of , and hopes to travel to Germany for similar treatments.

Our readers will remember that Debbie recently announced that her tumor has shrunk 53 percent following the chemoembolization treatments, which she received as a part of a clinical trial under the care of Dr. Thomas Vogl, who is pioneering the procedure at the University Clinic, Frankfurt. Debbie began the treatments in May 2008.

A report in the Plymouth Herald says Stephanie Chouette hopes to raise about £12,000 for a three-month course of chemotherapy with Dr. Vogl. Stephanie would undergo “local chemoperfusion,” which the report says is similar to chemoembolization. Her friends and loved ones are hosting a fund raiser Jan. 23 at the Derriford Hospital leisure centre’s function room.

Following her successful treatments, Debbie has begun spearheading a campaign to bring a chemoembolization trial to the UK. She is asking supporters to sign an online petition asking the Prime Minister to support the initiative, which would “ensure that all Mesothelioma patients get treatment in the UK,” so they do not have to travel abroad for healing.

You must be a British citizen or resident to sign the . Deadline to sign is July 6, 2009.