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Canadian province is plagued by asbestos-related workplace fatalities

17 Apr 2017 by under News
707px Saskatchewan in Canada.svg  100x100 Canadian province is plagued by asbestos related workplace fatalities

Credit: TUBS

Canada’s Saskatchewan province has more workplace fatalities due to than any other ailment or injury, according to last year’s annual report. Of the 31 total workplace deaths in the province — a slight decrease from 2015 — one was due to heart attack, four were due to motor vehicle injuries, nine were listed traumatic deaths and 14 were related to occupational diseases. Thirteen of the 14 occupational disease deaths were caused by asbestosis. (more…)

Louisiana lawsuit claims man’s mesothelioma diagnosis linked to workplace asbestos exposure

27 Jul 2016 by under Legal

asbestos warning Louisiana lawsuit claims mans mesothelioma diagnosis linked to workplace asbestos exposureBeing exposed to a toxic substance while on the job is a familiar reality for many unsuspecting workers; however, it isn’t until someone is diagnosed with a deadly condition when it is revealed they’ve been working in an unsafe environment.

Gistarve Joseph Sr. has now filed suit against Huntington Ingalls Industries, American Motorists Insurance Co., American Employer’s Insurance Co., OneBeacon America Insurance Co., et al., upon learning he developed following years of asbestos exposure. The lawsuit was filed in ’s Orleans Parish District Court on June 8. (more…)